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The Cure Company’s Strain of the Year: Curelato

The Cure Company's Strain of the Year: Curelato

With another highly successful year of serving premium cannabis products to the state of California, and multiple new strains and products at that, The Cure Company is excited to announce our top strain of the whole year: Curelato. With renowned strains like Marathon OG and brand new buzzing genetics like The Fritz strains in our deck of cards, choosing the Cure Company’s best weed strain of 2021 was no easy feat.

Nonetheless, we reviewed all of our exclusive strains, looked at popularity, checked the numbers, and, of course, consulted with the team’s personal research. Nearly all signs pointed to the beloved Curelato strain.

Curelato by The Cure Company

Curelato isn’t just any average offspring of Gelato, it is a very special pheno of Gelato #33 that took us nearly five years to perfect. During this process, our goal was to produce a strain with balanced and versatile effects. As a combination of Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet, this hybrid strain accomplishes just that, offering a wealth of possibilities.

curelato weed strain cure co

Complete with an incredibly smooth inhale, Curelato offers an experience reflective of the meticulous quality and care put into every step of our indoor cultivation process. The award-winning hybrid strain is known for its potentially powerful body highs that can be as equally uplifting as they are relaxing.

Upon laying eyes on Curelato nugs, it is clear that a premium and powerful experience lies ahead. The frosty trichomes littered in every nook and cranny is like snow melting during spring, with vibrant green, purple, and orange shades poking through, just like blooming flowers. Shift your senses and you’ll be met with a pungent blast of earthy and piney scents, with fruit and mint undertones.

Those seeking a productive daytime smoke may find that Curelato brings creativity and focus to their day. However, in larger amounts, the Cure Co strain may have you dozing off. Either way, Curelato may be beneficial for anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, or pain.

Ways to Consume Curelato

As soon as Curelato hit the shelves, it quickly became a customer favorite. Cannaseurs and novice users alike gravitated towards the top-shelf cultivar. Thus, it only made sense to offer it in various forms to suit almost any preference.

Curelato strain of the year 2021


Of course, first came traditional flower packaged as 8ths, or 3.5 grams, of whole cannabis buds. Similarly, smaller nugs of this same flower are available in packs containing 5 grams, aka our 5g Smalls.


For a more convenient way to consume our Curelato, we offer the exclusive strain in various pre-roll options. You can get it in a classic 1 gram pre-roll joint, but that is only a preview of what more we have to offer in this strain. Not everyone loves smoking the paper in a joint, so we collaborated with GRAV to put Curelato inside of a glass joint for not just a convenient smoke, but an even smoother experience.

Furthermore, we collaborated with Packwoods to use this strain in more unique and premium pre-roll options. Available in a 3-pack is our Packarillos, each featuring .75 grams of premium indoor flower wrapped up in a tobacco-free wrap and finished with a glass tip.

Packwoods Curelato The Cure Company

Similarly, you can also find Curelato packed inside a larger version of the Packarillos, but enhanced with a quarter gram of concentrate and a quarter gram of kief. This Packwoods blunt is serious business and is one that you’ll be going back to for any special occasion.


Lastly, Curelato is available in concentrate form. More specifically, it is available as cannabis diamonds. This oil contains crystal-like THCA “diamonds” that are rich in terpenes, flavor, and potency.

Final Thoughts

Picking our strain of the year was no walk in the park due to the major love we get on nearly everything we put out. The immense support from our customers and fans does not go unnoticed, and without your love, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

The one strain that we noticed you continuously going back for and talking about the most this year is Curelato, and we fully agree. The Cure Company proudly puts Curelato on the pedestal as our top strain of 2021. Visit our Weedmaps to find this celebrity strain at a retailer nearest you.