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The Mochaccino Strain by The Cure Company

The Mochaccino Strain by The Cure Company

The Cure Company’s Mochaccino strain is our newest offering of premium cannabis flower. Through our intricate breeding process, we came up with a potent hybrid blend that comes from two strains of notorious genetics. Cookies & Cream and Secret Weapon came together to form a dessert-like strain with cannasseur-grade potency. This new creamy, sweet, and earthy strain is available in our premium eighths, 5G Smalls, Minis, and Blendz.

As a mix of two hybrid strains, Mochaccino might offer a proper balance of beneficial effects. The potentially calming side of the strain may help melt away symptoms of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. While simultaneously, the potentially uplifting side of the strain might provide a relaxing high suitable for daytime. Between the spectrum of potential benefits, Mochaccino proves to be a dynamic strain in both flavor and potency.

Mochaccino Strain

As soon as you lay your eyes on our Mochaccino strain, you’ll know the level of quality you are dealing with. A thick sheet of trichomes layer on top of the dense, healthy buds. Boasting a fusion of deep forest greens as well as pastel tones, the vibrant natury colors prove the decadent genetics. The fiery orange pistils are only the bow on top of this meticulously cultivated gift of a strain.

As you’re analyzing the visual qualities of the nugs, you won’t help but notice the pungent smell nearly punching your nostrils. And when you really pay attention to the aromas, you’ll truly understand why this strain is called Mochaccino. Between its skunky chocolate and creamy marshmallow tones, this strain may quickly bring on feelings of nostalgia as you inhale.

Upon cracking open the nugs, the quality of the bud is confirmed as you gaze through the radiant green hills and cavities of resiny crystals. The terpenes become more apparent with a whiff of the inner flower. The Secret Weapon genes give the bud a peppery tang due to its high content of caryophyllene. This may help provide anti-inflammatory effects when consumed. Limonene is also a prominent terpene in Mochaccino, which may be to thank for the strain’s potential anti-anxiety effects.

With just a few puffs of this strain, your anxiety, stress, depression, or pain may evaporate. In larger amounts, Mochaccino may treat you to a long and restful slumber.

Mochaccino Strain Products

When picking up this strain, you have multiple options to choose from at different weights and price points. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop harvest, the 8th of whole flower will offer the full experience. If size doesn’t matter, you can purchase our 5G Smalls, which contains 5 grams of small buds. Similarly, “Minis” can be purchased as a pack containing 14 grams of the same small buds. If you’re looking for a large quantity of this quality product at the lowest price possible, we also offer Mochaccino in 14 grams of our Blendz shake.

Find The Mochaccino Strain by The Cure Company

The Cure Company offers our premium Mochaccino strain in various forms across multiple California dispensaries. City Compassionate Caregivers in Los Angeles holds the full line of this exclusive strain. Additionally, you can find it a little further south at The Grove in La Mesa, as well as other dispensaries. To find a dispensary near you that offers this strain, visit WeedMaps.