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Bacio Strain by The Cure Company

Bacio Strain by The Cure Company

The Cure Company is excited to announce one of our newest and most artisanal strain offerings—the Bacio strain. This designer strain is an impressive cross between two extremely popular genetics, Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbert. The meticulously crossed genetics create a pleasantly even hybrid blend that is sure to be an instant customer favorite due to its high potency and tremendous flavor.

Bacio has the potential to reduce stress and physical discomfort through a powerful mind and body buzz. As one of the heaviest cuts of Gelato you can find, symptoms such as pain and tension have the potential to fade away after just a few hits.

As a nearly perfectly balanced hybrid, Bacio might provide a refreshing high throughout the day. While it may not knock you out, it may certainly leave your head up in the clouds. This strain may be perfect for those looking to relieve discomfort during the day, without getting too sleepy. Though, higher doses might surely be a good bedtime companion.

Bacio Strain

With just a quick glance, you will have no doubts that our Bacio strain packs a punch. After a full inspection, it is clear that this strain is not for the faint of heart. The deep purple and green hues of the dense buds lay the foundation for the fiery orange pistils and luminous trichomes. Each crevice of the eye-catching flower is brimming with THC-packed crystals, proving that this is one of the most potent Gelato varieties you can find. 

As you inspect the cannabis flower, you won’t help but notice the strong aroma radiating from the nugs. As a cross between two strains on the sweeter side, Bacio lets off a fruity odor with hints of berry aromas. The strain’s Cookies genetics lays a creamy scent aloft the Sherbet tang, which may likely leave you reminiscing on your favorite childhood strawberry milkshake. 

5G Smalls, Minis, and Blendz

When picking up this strain, you have multiple options to choose from at different weights and price points. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop harvest, the 8th of whole flower will offer you the full experience. If the size doesn’t matter, you can purchase our 5G Smalls, which contains 5 grams of small buds. Similarly, “Minis” can be purchased as a pack containing 14 grams of the same mini buds. If you’re looking for a large quantity of this quality product at the lowest price possible, we also offer Bacio in 14 grams of our Blendz shake.

Find The Bacio by The Cure Company

The Cure Company offers our premium Bacio strain in various forms across multiple California dispensaries. In SoCal, premium eighths of Bacio can be found at March and Ash across the San Diego area. A little further north, Bacio can be found at LAXCC in Los Angeles. Beyond SoCal, Bacio can be found throughout multiple Northern Cali dispensaries as well. To find a dispensary or delivery near you that offers the Bacio strain, visit our WeedMaps.